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Specialists in Stone & Brick Cleaning and Conservation Work on Historic Buildings & Monuments

Uncovered Medieval Decorations

 As well as being specialists in the cleaning of stone and  brick we also carry out the following works.
Abrasive Cleaning (Sandblasting / Blast Cleaning) of  Wooden Beams & Metalwork including Plant & Machinery

Whatever your requirement we are here to help – if you are not sure or require further information then please do not hesitate to contact us either via the contact us page or pick up the phone (+44) 01666 841338

What we do

Specialist Masonry (Stone & Brick) Cleaning using the DoFF Ultra High Temperature, low pressure cleaning system

Graffiti Removal – Using environmentally friendly chemicals and the DoFF cleaning system we can remove all forms of graffiti. We specialise in working on listed buildings and ancient monuments where care must be taken not to destroy the fabric of the building.

Conservation work on listed buildings and ancient monuments especially when having to work with traditional materials such as hydraulic lime rather than cement.

War Memorial Cleaning & Restoration Work in the run up to the Centenary of ‘The War to End All Wars’. Please contact us as soon as possible as we are becoming booked up with monument cleaning.

Patio & Path Cleaning – without using High Pressure water to damge stonework

Repairing or replacing damaged stonework and brickwork

Re- Pointing – using traditional lime mixtures – made to match the existing pointing

Wet or Dry Sandblasting  / Blast Bleaning / Shot Blasting for:


Wooden Stable Stalls After Cleaning / Stripping


Removal of Paint from Timber Beams – Strip wooden beams either prior to treating for woodworm or just to leave a natural finish. Original timber beams and panelling that have had years of accumulated paint or stain applied, can be cleaned back to reveal the wood in its natural state. Renovations to older properties can be greatly enhanced by cleaning the existing timbers and allowing the natural colour of the wood to be restored.

New oak structures or extensions can be blasted to remove staining and grime especially to remove the saw marks made when the wood is cut

Shot Blasting Metal.
Cleaning rust and paint from any steelwork / metalwork including plant and machinery. Applying a primer / red oxide if required.

Remove paint and limewash from most surfaces either in preparation for further works e.g. before wall can be rendered or to leave a natural finish on either stonework or brickwork.

Project Management – all aspects of running building projects – especially in the conservation arena. This includes organising workflow and liaising with everyone concerned from client to architect to suppliers and sub contractors.